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What is
TraumaCad Mobile?

For over a decade, TraumaCad has set the standard in digital templating. 
Moving forward with the latest technologies, it is now also available in a cutting edge mobile version, as an iPad®   app, or via web browser on your PC or Mac®

TraumaCad Mobile will allow you to plan Total Joints Replacement quickly and easily, using only a few simple gestures. The Auto Hip and Knee functionalities simplify the workflow by positioning all planning components on the image, allowing you to fine tune your planning and save valuable time. 

We invite you to take your planning experience one step further with TraumaCad Mobile.

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now in an even better version

What's New 
in 2.0?

TraumaCad Mobile is now offering a solution for
Total Joints Replacement, including:

HTML5 Browser technology

Plan on iPad, PC, or Mac 

Select Images

Choose images  from your local storage, the PACS or Quentry cloud service


Simply calibrate images with automatic detection of calibration devices or by oversizing


Accurately template patient images, take measurements, and simulate the expected result 


Store your planned images to any desired location, and share with your colleagues and implant reps

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Automatic Planning at your finger tips

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